How to make a well-fitting face mask for you and your children easily

IMG_6110As governments make restrictions during this Covid-19 pandemic, you might find yourself in a situation where even a homemade face mask is better than nothing. Things change rapidly and you can be required to wear a face mask when going out.
I’ve tried to simplify the process as much as possible because I wasn’t satisfied with the instructions circling around. I hope this helps you somehow in these weird times.

You might have seen instructions that require making pleats, sewing strings and ironing. This face mask doesn’t require anything like that and can be fairly easily sewn by hand even if you don’t have a sewing machine.

You will need:

22 x 22 cm square of 100% cotton (a piece of bed sheet or t-shirt for example)
140 cm string (preferably cotton) or 80 cm thin rubber/elastic cord

1 safety pin
thread (cotton or other)
needle or sewing machine

For children:
17 x 17 cm square of cotton

Basic template for download HERE.

Fold 0.5 cm of the raw top and bottom edges twice and sew along the folds to make a hem.

Fold 1.5 cm on each side and sew together to create a tube for the string. You can fold twice if you want a more durable hem, but then you might need a wider piece of fabric.

Attach the safety pin to your string/elastic cord to help you pull it through the side tubes.

Machine wash 60 degrees or bring to boil and let it cool to sanitize it.

Check the pictures below to see how it’s done. You can adjust the length of the elastic cord if the mask feels loose.


I’ve used a double elastic cord here just because I only had a really thin one.

The version with a string is below.