Should you get your dream photo shoot now?
The only regret people usually have is not doing it sooner.


Women come to me because I get them. Their insecurities, worries and wishes. I’m determined to get you the pictures you wish you had years ago. Pictures that don’t break your bank, yet you want to keep looking at them and share because you feel beautiful and not just seeing what’s wrong, unflattering expressions or weird background. You want to see yourself like you’ve dreamed it could be if only you did this or that. You don’t have to make that mistake of waiting too long.

The truth is you can have great pictures now. Let me worry about how to achieve that great flattering look. It’s my job and in my world you are a model. You don’t need special outfits, makeup artist or expensive props. Great locations can be found within your home or walking distance. You would not believe some of the places I took my most loved pics.

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Belly, baby & family

Have you been admiring belly pictures online and hesitating to have yours captured? Because in your eyes it’s ugly, too big, weird shape…? Then this is for you. I don’t really know a woman who would love a camera pointed at her belly, pregnant or not. However, this precious moment deserves to be documented.

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