The art of relaxation at PiKin Spa

DSC_9085There are not many massage places where you can completely relax and unwind just by walking through the door. Quite often, you find a cold massage table, sterile environment and way too much white colour. At least here in Finland. From time to time you find an exception and this new Thai spa in Helsinki is exactly what I look for. It was founded by Pik who has an eye for detail, beauty and great service. Her experienced hands have made me feel better many times. She uses traditional Thai techniques combined with other treatments to find the best options for her clients.

What I really love about this spa is the attention to detail in every area, starting with the foot bath, delicious teas, calming design of each space and customer service. You come in and you know you’re in caring hands. The receptionist greets you and watches over you, so at no point you’re forgotten. The treatment menu is nice and short, so you don’t waste time going through a book. You talk about your wishes or describe issues you’ve been having and you can get a recommendation. The treatment is always customized, which makes it so exciting. There’s no “going through the same moves”. I love Thai massage, but I’ve never had the same Thai massage with Pik. Now that I’ve been pregnant, Pik has adjusted my treatments to more oil-based and suitable for this condition.

Book a massage/treatment by phone:
+358 45 148 1258 or +358 45 624 6602
Albertinkatu 12, 00150 Helsinki

Pik also mixes her own balms, oils and scrubs using Thai herbs, fruits and vegetables. If you’re looking for a wonderful “time off” or need to feel alive and energized again, you should definitely try this small spa where all is prepared for your well-being. It’s also a wonderful gift to your partner. Herbal ball massage would make a great package for women after delivery to help drain excess water from their bodies. Back and shoulder massage for anyone who works with a computer. Oil massage for relaxation and pampering. Thai massage for people who like the benefits of yoga and can’t get themselves to do it often enough on their own. Here’s a full list of treatments:

Foot massage                         60e/85e (60 min/90 min)
Back & shoulder massage   60e/85e
Oil massage                            70e/95e
Thai massage                         70e/95e
Aromatherapy massage      80e/105e
Hot stone massage               80e/105e
Herbal ball massage            80e/105e

Signature treatment (90 min) 120e
Yesterday once more

Spa packages (120 min)           180e
Born again, Sense of Thai, Inside out

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