Are you looking at me?

Have you ever felt like people immediately notice a feature that you’re very self-conscious about and you start adjusting your body language?

When a woman orders a session with me, I ask her what she loves about herself. I want to know what to focus on. I also ask about the things she doesn’t like so much. It’s interesting to have these conversations. It’s an opportunity to explain that the reason why some features look worse in photographs is just because some lenses distort them, perhaps the light was bad, or the angle. Photographs are not perfect representations of reality.
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Why I actually recommend WordPress-hosted sites

My thoughts on the vs dilemma

You might have come to a point when you needed to consider starting a website or a blog and you had to find out what you actually need for that to happen. There are many articles on the topic and I frequently hear that you should go with which requires downloading a software for building the site, finding a hosting service and then you also need to take into account where you get the domain for you website. Continue reading

Let’s not talk climate change

seaI have just seen Leonardo di Caprio's documentary Before the Flood and it really shows the current state of affairs on our planet - species disappearing, destruction of rainforests, rising sea levels, icebergs melting, political unwillingness, corporate greed, all the horrific things that we often feel so helpless about. But there's a lot of hope and alternatives. Continue reading