What you wanted to know about photo sessions – FAQ

I’ve collected the most common questions I get from clients about photo sessions and created this FAQ. So, if you’re thinking of having a photo session, you have the information easily available in one place.

Let’s start with the most important question of them all.

Are we the right fit?

Most of my clients have followed my work for some time before they book me. They like my style and approach, so they know what to expect. If you’re thinking about working with me, please make sure you look at my portfolio. Find out if my visual style appeals to you. It’s important to pick the right photographer for yourself and your project.

InstagramFor example, I have photographed some weddings, but I’m not a wedding photographer. It’s really not my domain. I’m not a studio photographer either. I work at various locations and try to make people comfortable in an environment of their choice. Not everyone is a model who can strike poses in front of an artificial backdrop. Having said that, I often create mini backdrop spaces in my clients’ homes or elsewhere. I think it’s extremely important when you’re picking a photographer to explore their work and ask questions, so that you can make an informed decision.

Where will the session take place?

Locations are everywhere you look. We can shoot outside in nature, in town, in your backyard, inside your home or a place we can access easily. Don’t wreck your brain about the location because it’s more about you than the background. Even if we have just two square meters of decent space, we can make it work.

How long will it take?

Generally, the shoot takes 1-2 hours including wardrobe changes and little breaks. That’s usually enough before people get tired but plenty of time to get good amount of material. If something goes wrong or the weather changes, we can stay a bit longer.
Remember, you don’t have to try all your ideas during one shoot.

How long does it take to see the previews of the photos?

I have a two-week period for selecting/basic adjustments the photos in my contract, but usually I will upload a preview gallery earlier. When you have chosen your pics, you will get the finished versions within two weeks max, assuming the payment has been made.

How much does a session cost?

My sessions start at 250€ (incl.VAT). No hidden costs, no booking fee. You can check the full price list here. Other than that, I offer mini sessions for small groups.

When do I pay for your services?

When you have picked your favourite images from the partially processed preview gallery, I will send an invoice and do final editing. The final images will be finished within two weeks maximum and you’ll get a link for download.

I like more pictures than what I ordered in my package. Can I purchase additional photos?

This happens:-) Absolutely you can. Additional pics cost 25/photo.

Do you offer prints, photo books, canvas prints?

Not at the moment. My packages are purely digital. Many of my clients need images for their promotion or don’t necessarily want everything printed. You can choose what and where to print. You know best what products and photo labs suit your needs.

Can I change outfits during the shoot?

Absolutely. It’s good to try different options, so you don’t regret bringing only one outfit and finding out it didn’t work so well. I’d say bring a few options and let’s play. When you have photos in different clothes, it doesn’t look like they were taken at the same time and you can use them for different purposes.

Do you offer a makeup artist?2017-03-16_11-40-32_592 (2017-03-18T16_16_16.071)

No, but I frequently help with makeup. I’m known for my precise lipstick application skills and I can also do a nice cat eye vintage style.

I’m really shy. Will I still be able to get good photos?

I’m shy too, welcome to the club. Don’t worry, you just have to show up and let me do my job:-) Many of my clients are shy at first and then I’m amazed what we can create together.

Do you retouch the images?

Yes, to varying degrees. Sometimes a bright light can magnify certain skin textures which might not very flattering. It’s not uncommon for rash, pimples, redness to appear right before the session, so I retouch these kinds of things or soften certain features. Sometimes makeup starts to flake. It also depends on the purpose of the photo.

If it’s more art/fantasy, then the editing is different. However, I do not remove your permanent features, distort your body, shave your legs, reconstruct your hair style or remove your nail polish. I’m not into the heavily photoshopped look.

Mind you, light can do wonders and erase things without me trying. It’s all smoke and mirrors to a certain extent, not a perfect reflection of reality.

What should I do in preparation for the shoot?

Try to get enough sleep so you can enjoy the experience. Try not to worry about it too much. It’s meant to be pleasant. Just don’t have any dramatic new beauty procedures right before which might have unexpected results.

How far are you willing to travel?

I usually work within the Helsinki metropolitan area (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa), but I’m open to ideas as long as my travel costs get covered.

What if I’m too self-critical about how I look the photos?

We’ve all been there. Sometimes the day just doesn’t feel right, or there are days when we just feel ugly no matter what (thank you PMS). Tell me what you like about yourself, as well as areas that you are very self-conscious about, so I can find the best angles. Show me what pictures you like.

I also recommend looking at your preview gallery a couple of different times before you choose your final images. Consult a trusted friend or two. We often can’t see the beauty of the whole package because we focus on the flaws. See how you feel a few days later. Our moods change and what we thought didn’t work turns out beautiful with some time passing. It’s natural. Remember: Whatever it is that you’re so uncomfortably conscious of, the chances are that people don’t even notice.

Do you have more questions? Let me know in the form below.