“Big thanks to Michaela for creating my website janavpohybu.com. I really enjoy working with her. She’s creative, but at the same time practical and swift. I think she’s managed to create a personalized website which is clear and expresses my essence. It’s helped me get more clients and I am glad that I can continue working with her.

We also had boudoir photo shoot inspired by Dita von Teese. This idea came from Michaela and I happily accepted. I spend most of my days in sports clothing because of my work as a Pilates instructor, so I was tempted to try photos that would capture my femininity. I was a little nervous at first, but Michaela gave me enough time and space to forget I was being photographed. She is calm and perceptive which makes it easy to work with her. I like that she tries to find your natural expressions and spontaneity in a given moment. She lets things happen and I think that makes the photos not only beautiful, but engaging.”

― Jana Vaníčková, Pilates instructor