Egyptian Magic Cream

Egyptian magicThis cream is something I came across by accident online and then found a good online UK store that offers it for a good price and even better for the double pack.
It is all natural, only six ingredients. And you could eat them if you wanted to:-)

SO, what’s in it?

olive oil – bees wax – honey – bee pollen – royal jelly – propolis

There is no water, glycerine, silicone and other useless ingredients so often found in cosmetics nowadays. I have read in some reviews that it reminds of petroleum jelly, but that is so not true. This cream has some honey in it and it actually looks like honey and the smell is similar too. The odour is not very strong though. You can use it quite sparingly and it will last you quite long. It is great in winter to protect your face and hands. Amazing as lip balm. I am still testing this product, but overall I have been very satisfied with it.

Egyptian magic closeup

I would recommend it for people with eczema or other skin conditions, unless they are allergic to bee products. Last year I was struggling with eczema and I was desperately searching for alternatives and then I came across this product. My eczema is now gone and I have to say this cream helped a lot, especially soothing the accute redness and overall healing of the damaged skin. I’m not saying it can cure eczema – which in my opinion has a lot to do with your mind state – but it can definitely help on the way.