“Michaela Kei has an amazing ability of finding just the right angles when it comes to portrait photography. After roughly 20 photo shoots I still feel like she always finds a new side of me, a new look.
Her large scale of activities is inspiring. She’s like a modern renaissance person: trying out new things, raising awareness, sharing stuff about well-being with others, wanting to make a difference, striving towards a customer who feels great and looks it.
I like her newsletter, because it’s informative and it always offers something interesting. “Cookbook for 7 days” was great! The newsletter also picks up some interesting information that would be otherwise a little difficult to find on her webpage because it is already so full of interesting facts and of course cool artwork.

Out of all her products, her paintings are my favourite. I love the way she uses bold colours and plays with symbols. I own one custom painting made especially for me and it makes me smile every day.”

― Lucie, owner of Love painting