Moving from sucky to successful or creating brand new

So you need a website! You have tried to search online for advice and perhaps even created an account at a blogging platform. Then you got tired of all the options because finding your way around took all your energy and didn’t get you the results you hoped for. It’s so easy anybody can do it, right? Everything is so intuitive nowadays, no problem.

Yet anybody who’s got a website worth visiting repeatedly will tell you that it takes a lot of time trying to figure out how stuff works, what to have and why, what to skip etc. The e-books and webinars will take you only so far and then you need to buy more know-how. And you still need to take action and work your way around. Sure, you can learn many things if you put in sufficient time and energy.

What if you needed an elegant website that your customers appreciate, like yesterday? 

How about a little help with the actual doing, not just teaching and motivating?
If that sounds familiar, then perhaps you’re in the right place. Eventually, you’ll perhaps want to be in charge and do it yourself, but now you just need some help.

Usually my clients prefer to work with me over longer periods and we focus on creating the whole brand, including the visual side and planning content for social media. But there’s a variety of things that I can help you with:

    • give you pointers what can be improved on your website
    • check your website copy or write basic content to fit your brand
    • newsletters, marketing
    • photos for your website
    • logo, business card designs
    • strategies how to get your message out there with concrete doable steps
    • writing social media posts that you can just schedule and recycle
 Firewater sessions


We can have a session via Skype, Facetime, Google Talk, email or in person if you happen to be from the Helsinki metropolitan area.

  • ou tell me what you’ve been struggling with
  • I take a look at your website and tell you what I think might not be working
  • I suggest concrete steps how to fix it
  • you decide how useful the session was for you
  • we can either stop there or continue working together

Introductory session is PWYW (pay what you want aka “pay what you think is fair”).

Afterwards my online one-on-one sessions are 60 euros/hour (incl.VAT).

Other tasks that I can help you with are 35 euros/hour (incl.VAT).

I also offer discounted packages where you can combine one-on-one sessions and other work any way you like. Hourly rate within the packages is 30 euros/hour (incl.VAT).

Small package for 300 euros can be used in different ways:
10 hours of work or
4 hours one-on-one sessions + 2 hours of work
2 hours one-on-one sessions + 6 hours of work
1 hour one-on-one session + 8 hours of work

Bigger package for 600 euros:
20 hours of work
8 hours of one-on-one sessions + 4 hours of work
4 hours one-on-one sessions + 12 hours of my work
2 hours one-on-one sessions + 16 hours of my work

WEBSITES I have set up for my clients: