Consultations & online solutions for creatives and entrepreneurs

Maybe you’ve been thinking that nobody would understand your business idea or be able to help you get that idea across to a wider audience.

Maybe you’ve got all confused and started believing that you need to accumulate a large sum of money before things can start really happening.

Maybe you just haven’t found the right person you’d enjoy working with.

Maybe you’re just tired of watching all possible webinars, reading newsletters and you’re about to give up because you don’t have money for the one that would solve all your problems and answer all the questions.

You have tried to search online for advice and perhaps even created an account at a blogging platform. Then you got tired of all the options because finding your way around took all your energy and didn’t get you the results you hoped for.



I did it the hard way because I had no-one who could help me. I asked around but wasn’t getting answers to help move me forward. So I did what I always do – I learned what I could, I soaked up knowledge left and right and taught myself a lot of things. I realized that I like it and I can help other people, but it took a lot of time to learn about websites, various online tools, graphic design, photography, video, marketing, copywriting, social media, the list could go on.


Lucie Niemelä, singer-songwriter“Michaela designed an excellent website for me. She has great sensibility for creating something timeless. It’s been up and running for over two years and it still feels fresh. The best thing about working with Michaela is that she always finds a solution to problems that might seem insolvable. When I feel like I need to give up on a concept or some fancy feature she finds a creative way to keep my idea alive and even enhances it so that it ends up being more functional than I originally envisioned. During our sessions she keeps calm and asks me all the right questions. I can tell she is genuinely interested in her clients’ needs. Dear Michaela, thank you for giving me a website that I love!”

Lucie Niemelä, singer-songwriter


Perhaps I can just point you in a different direction or we can work regularly to move you forward and help you build the brand you have been dreaming of.

I’ve been blessed to have worked with people that resonate with me and we’ve made things possible in short time. Some people were saying for years that they would really need a website and then I made it happen for them within weeks, including the content.

I looked at their needs from a clients’ perspective and made things easy to navigate and easy to find. Now they can focus on their clients and serving them, not trying to figure out what to put on the website that people would want to read.

Everyone’s needs are different. Some clients want to be international but don’t trust their English skills too much and writing content doesn’t come naturally.

Some need inspiration for their social media and they can get a list of post for the next 3 months or so and then they already know what to write.

Some clients need help with newsletters and blog posts.

Some like to help discuss their next steps, developing a product and service, or strategy.


Soňa Jány-Louhivuori, Feel Your S-Sense“She can really get in tune with her client, and help them make their ideas come to life through text and picture, using elegant solutions. She keeps helping me with extracting important information from text, simplifying it, which is so important for presenting my thoughts to a wider audience. If you choose to work with her, you’ll get all this in one package – a website with beautiful photos and content that speaks like you intended. She is fast, reliable and effective. I warmly recommend her with all my heart.”

Soňa Jány-Louhivuori, founder of Feel Your S-Sense

You’ve got an idea, or perhaps started working on it, quit your day job even and now you’re realizing that there’s so much to learn. You’re loosing hope because you feel like you need buy so many things before anything happens, you need to hire people and just choosing the right ones is a nightmare in itself.

If you’re like my typical clients, you want to work on the idea/product/service and not get distracted constantly by all the other things that you need (and sometimes don’t need) to be doing. What if there is a way to simplify it all?


Jana Vaníčková, Pilates instructor“Big thanks to Michaela for creating my website I really enjoy working with her. She’s creative, but at the same time practical and swift. I think she’s managed to create a personalized website which is clear and expresses my essence. It’s helped me get more clients and I am glad that I can continue working with her.”

Jana Vaníčková, Pilates instructor

Perhaps you have small problems and you don’t even know how easily they can be solved. Or they’re bigger, but can be solved over time. Or you just need a virtual assistant who can do some of the things for you and you can focus on developing your product or service. Either way, let’s find out!


Usually my clients prefer to work with me over longer periods and we focus on creating the whole brand, including the visual side and planning content for social media. But there’s a variety of things that I can help you with:

    • give you pointers what can be improved on your website
    • check your website copy or write basic content to fit your brand
    • newsletters, marketing
    • photos for your website
    • logo, business card designs
    • strategies how to get your message out there with concrete doable steps
    • writing social media posts that you can just schedule and recycle

We can have a session via Skype, Facetime, Google Talk, email or in person if you happen to be from the Helsinki metropolitan area.

  • you tell me what you’ve been struggling with
  • I take a look at your website and tell you what I think might not be working
  • I suggest concrete steps how to fix it
  • you decide how useful the session was for you
  • we can either stop there or continue working together

Introductory session is PWYW (pay what you want aka “pay what you think is fair”).

Afterwards my online one-on-one sessions are 60 euros/hour (incl.VAT).

Other tasks that I can help you with are 35 euros/hour (incl.VAT).

I also offer discounted packages where you can combine one-on-one sessions and other work any way you like. Hourly rate within the packages is 30 euros/hour (incl.VAT).


Small package for 300 euros can be used in different ways:
10 hours of work or
4 hours one-on-one sessions + 2 hours of work
2 hours one-on-one sessions + 6 hours of work
1 hour one-on-one session + 8 hours of work

Bigger package for 600 euros:
20 hours of work
8 hours of one-on-one sessions + 4 hours of work
4 hours one-on-one sessions + 12 hours of my work
2 hours one-on-one sessions + 16 hours of my work

A lot can be done in shorter increments, so do not hesitate to email me about your problem and I can give you some estimate. You can always set a limit and I will see what can be done within your budget.

And it’s no one-size-fits-all type of thing. I work with you and focus solely on your brand. I don’t just send you a bunch of slides/PDFs and let you struggle on your own. I’m here to get stuff done.

Clients I have helped with their online presence: