"Michaela Kei has an amazing ability of finding just the right angles when it comes to portrait photography. After roughly 20 photo shoots I still feel like she always finds a new side of me, a new look. Her large scale of activities is inspiring. She’s like a modern renaissance person: trying out new things, … Continue reading Lucie, owner of Love painting

Lucie, owner of Love painting

"I have worked with Michaela Kei on projects for our band Jari Rättyä & Käärmekeitto. She did a really nice job with the album cover for "Kuljet heidän keskellään". Besides producing her own great ideas and vision, she was always listening to what I had in my mind and making it happen. With the music video for "Aamen! Ja … Continue reading Jari Rättyä, singer/composer

Jari Rättyä, singer/composer

"When we were releasing an EP with our band "Healing Red", we wanted to get cover art which would stand out. We had some initial thoughts on what we liked but Michaela was able to really take our ideas and bring them to paper on a whole different level. We knew that she was good … Continue reading Jussi, Healing Red

Jussi, Healing Red

"I would like to thank you for the painting you made for me and my husband. It makes our flat more beautiful and expresses the love that dwells here and hopefully will stay here also thanks to your painting. I wish you many happy customers."

Veronika, owner of Lovers painting