“Big thanks to Michaela for creating my website janavpohybu.com. I really enjoy working with her. She’s creative, but at the same time practical and swift. I think she’s managed to create a personalized website which is clear and expresses my essence. It’s helped me get more clients and I am glad that I can continue working with her.

We also had boudoir photo shoot inspired by Dita von Teese. This idea came from Michaela and I happily accepted. I spend most of my days in sports clothing because of my work as a Pilates instructor, so I was tempted to try photos that would capture my femininity. I was a little nervous at first, but Michaela gave me enough time and space to forget I was being photographed. She is calm and perceptive which makes it easy to work with her. I like that she tries to find your natural expressions and spontaneity in a given moment. She lets things happen and I think that makes the photos not only beautiful, but engaging.”

Jana Vaníčková, Pilates instructor

“Michaela Kei designed an excellent website for me. She has great sensibility for creating something timeless. It’s been up and running for over two years and it still feels fresh. The best thing about working with Michaela is that she always finds a solution to problems that might seem insolvable. When I feel like I need to give up on a concept or some fancy feature she finds a creative way to keep my idea alive and even enhances it so that it ends up being more functional than I originally envisioned. During our sessions she keeps calm and asks me all the right questions. I can tell she is genuinely interested in her clients’ needs. Dear Michaela, thank you for giving me a website that I love!”  ❤

Lucie Niemelä, singer-songwriter

“I first met Michaela years ago, but our cooperation and friendship started during our first photo shoot in 2011. That photo shoot was an amazing experience for me and she was able to capture different sides of me. We had a good laugh, we took more serious pictures, we shot inside and outside, in different outfits and accessories. And I have been using the photos ever since.

I have experienced several of Michaela’s photo shoots since then – as a model or observer, and I can say that she has some great qualities as a photographer. Not only the photos look great, you also feel like she really captured you. The photo sessions are relaxed, pleasant, joyful and she’s not scared to experiment and make you explore what’s hidden inside you, if there’s a good moment for it.

Later on I discovered that she’s good at various virtual/technical tasks. When I needed a website for my business, we started working together again. She can really get in tune with her client, and help them make their ideas come to life through text and picture, using elegant solutions. She keeps helping me with extracting important information from text, simplifying it, which is so important for presenting my thoughts to a wider audience. If you choose to work with her, you’ll get all this in one package – a website with beautiful photos and content that speaks like you intended. She is fast, reliable and effective. I warmly recommend her with all my heart.”

Soňa Jány-Louhivuori, founder of Feel Your S-Sense

“Michaela Kei has an amazing ability of finding just the right angles when it comes to portrait photography. After roughly 20 photo shoots I still feel like she always finds a new side of me, a new look.
Her large scale of activities is inspiring. She’s like a modern renaissance person: trying out new things, raising awareness, sharing stuff about well-being with others, wanting to make a difference, striving towards a customer who feels great and looks it.
I like her newsletter, because it’s informative and it always offers something interesting. “Cookbook for 7 days” was great! The newsletter also picks up some interesting information that would be otherwise a little difficult to find on her webpage because it is already so full of interesting facts and of course cool artwork.

Out of all her products, her paintings are my favourite. I love the way she uses bold colours and plays with symbols. I own one custom painting made especially for me and it makes me smile every day.”

Lucie, owner of Love painting
“I have worked with Michaela Kei on projects for our band Jari Rättyä & Käärmekeitto. She did a really nice job with the album cover for “Kuljet heidän keskellään“. Besides producing her own great ideas and vision, she was always listening to what I had in my mind and making it happen. With the music video for “Aamen! Ja kioski kii.” she somehow managed to create beautiful stuff in a really-really low-budget production. Michaela Kei is a talented visual artist who always gives her best and more. She is also a reliable person and fun to work with.”  
Jari Rättyä, singer/composer
“When we were releasing an EP with our band “Healing Red”, we wanted to get cover art which would stand out. We had some initial thoughts on what we liked but Michaela was able to really take our ideas and bring them to paper on a whole different level. We knew that she was good with cover art, feminine shapes and silhouettes but the end result was even better than we could imagine!”
Jussi, Healing Red
“I would like to thank you for the painting you made for me and my husband. It makes our flat more beautiful and expresses the love that dwells here and hopefully will stay here also thanks to your painting. I wish you many happy customers.”
Veronika, owner of Lovers painting