Dal makhani

dal makhaniMy favourite Indian dish, it took me ages to find a recipe that would be close to those in restaurants. Finally I have it and tweaked it to my liking.

250 g black lentils (check for stones first)
200 g tomato passata
3 pressed garlic cloves + 2.5 cm grated ginger – mix into a paste
½ tsp of chilli powder
1 small onion – thinly sliced
3 cm ginger – sliced thinly and cut into strips (julienne)
40 g butter
1 dl whipping cream
2 – 3 tbs garam masala

Cook the lentils for about 30 mins in a litre of water (I sometimes add a bit of turmeric powder and asafetida powder – optional).

Add the garlic-ginger paste, tomato passata and chilli powder and cook 30 minutes more, stir occasionally. You can add a few curry leaves to get a different flavour (both versions are really tasty).

In a small pan, melt the butter on medium heat and sauté the onion slices with ginger strips slowly until slightly golden (about 5 minutes). You might need to lower the heat if you have a gas stove. Add the garam masala, mix it in, let the aroma develop (max 30 seconds) and stir this mixture into the lentils. Add 1dl of whipping cream, season with salt and cook several minutes more on lower heat. Serve with naan bread or basmati rice.