Simple tacos

tacos This is my new favourite recipe. The ingredients are easy to find and you don’t even have to cook anything unless you want a more luxurious version. The inspiration came from Gwyneth Paltrow’s webpage GOOP.

You will need:

tortillas (corn or wheat) – I used Organic Multigrain by Santa Maria – you can warm these up on a pan if you want
feta-style cheese – I had these cubes marinated in oil and herb
ripe avocado(s) – I make my quacamole using lemon or lime juice and a bit of sweet chili sauce – mashing everything with a fork
shrimp – just fried them gently for a couple of minutes, squeezed some lemon juice on them (but you can skip these altogether)

For the salsa:
– chop these finely and mix together, season
some tomatoes – depending on how much you’re making
red pepper
onion – I used a shallot, but you can use any kind really, red onion, spring onion,…
parsley or coriander leaves

Fill your tortillas and enjoy:-)


If you want a change, you can can try making tasty black beans instead of using shrimp.

can of black beans + garlic clove (halved) + a pinch of cinnamon + cumin + a piece of dark chocolate + salt, pepper, chili powder

Cook on low heat – about 15 minutes, until thickened. You can mash up a part of the beans.