How to make paneer

paneer cubesIf you like Indian cuisine and do not want to run around shops trying to find paneer – the lovely cheese used in so many recipes – make it at home:-) It’s very simple and rewarding.

You only need 3 litres of milk and juice of 1 – 1,5 lemons. Bring the milk almost to boil – do not forget stirring, otherwise it will burn. When you get to the point, start adding the lemon juice. You will see the curds separating – now you should have white lumps and clearish water in the pot. Put it away from the heat for a while, then drain in a cloth (preferably whitish color so you do not get coloured cotton bits in your paneer, also – make sure the cloth does not smell of softeners or strong washing powders:-) Run cold water through it. Take the ends of the cloth and turn it to squeeze the water out. You can run more cold water on it if it is too hot to squeeze. place it on a plate and squeeze more water out using another plate or pot. You can put something heavy on top, but if you squeezed a lot of water out, it is not necessary – it will hold its shape. Leave it to cool for 15-20 minutes and then cut into cubes. You can fry it, use it in Indian sauces, marinate …

Different stages: