How to get ready for a photo shoot

  • Make sure you get enough rest. Eat.
  • Take your time to choose your clothes carefully. Less is often more and picking a simpler outfit gives the best results. You should feel comfortable in your clothes. Avoid wild patterns, stripes and checks:-) Check for holes as well as lint and pet hair. Iron if needed.
  • Get your  shoes and accessories ready if you want to use them – scarfs, bags, jewellery,…
  • Check your manicure – chipped nails or worn-out nail polish are not easy to fix afterwards.
  • Make sure your skin isn’t too dry, especially lips. Take a moisturizer/lip balm with you if your skin gets easily dry.
  • Shaving is important, unless body hair is your trademark. Removing body hair digitally later is a pain in the neck and doesn’t necessarily look that good.
  • Your makeup should reflect the image you want to achieve and it should be done carefully. Bring it with you for touch-ups.
  • And finally, make it your day and try not to stress about stuff. If you forget something, we’ll find another way.