10 useful kitchen tips

This is a small compilation of creative solutions that I have used in my kitchen.folded coffee filter for tea

1. Are you tired of tea strainers that often leave bits of tea leaves swimming in your mug? Try folding a coffee filter into a triangle shape instead. That’s what I came up with when I wanted a nice cup of tea without the mess. It also sits nicely in a mug.

2. Cooking beans can leave white stains on your pots and pans.white stains in pans Pour some distilled white vinegar into your pot, let it be for about ten minutes, try if it has dissolved with a dish brush. If not, keep it longer. Wash as usual. You can use white vinegar for cleaning your electric kettle too.

3. Keep your wrapped butter in a container after opening to prevent it from absorbing all kinds of fridge odours and keeps it from going rancid (oxidizing).

4. If you’re not sure about the freshness of eggs, put them in cold water – the bad ones float, the ones that you can still use without worry will be either laying on the bottom or standing upright.

5. Rinse and soak rice to reduce cooking time while you prepare and cook other ingredients.

6. Ripen avocado – place it in a bowl/paper bag with bananas or apples.

7. Do you want better tasting tomatoes? Don’t store them in the fridge. Have them on the kitchen counter etc.

8. Do you need to freshen your mouth? Suck on a slice of cucumber. It’s super fast and works like a charm. So next time you’re making sandwiches, try it.how to peel tomatoes

9. Need to peel tomatoes? Cut little crosses into them, place in a bowl and pour boiled water to cover them. Put a lid on and after a few minutes you should see the skins opening up. Drain the water, pour some cold on and you can start peeling.

10. opening coconut with hammerHow to open a coconut? Drain the coconut water first through the holes (eyes). You can use a metal skewer or a screwdriver to poke them open. Use a hammer and hit along the central line until it cracks open.