Red lentil soup

This is a very nice variation of pea soup. I came across the recipe in a magazine and this is my version of it. I have tested it both with peas and red lentils, and both work very well. It smells lovely, tasted great, it is cheap and easy to make. Enjoy.

250 g red lentils or dried peas (if you use peas, soak it overnight)
3-4 medium carrots – sliced thinly (use a mandolin – saves a lot of time)
3 cloves garlic – pressed
2 pieces star anise
salt, pepper

Cook the peas in sufficient amount of water– don’t put too much, add the carrots and anise, cook until they soften , add the garlic, season and puree using a blender. I have blended in some small pieces of the anise, but you can take them out. They are quite hard. Warm through (with the anise if you took it out) and serve (possibly with a drizzle of olive oil or some croutons).

The lentil version – cook the carrots and lentils and anise at the same time, the lentils are cooked really fast, then continue as with the peas. Check the lentils beforehand, there might be some small stones.

There you have it – light dinner, but not boring.