Cat’s health & alternatives

cat paws When it comes to pets and their health, we tend not to question our vet too much. From my own experience, there is not so much consensus among vets on some issues as we might think. Over the years we’ve had plenty of medical experiences with my mum’s rescue cats. When the traditional treatments did not help or made things worse we started exploring all kinds of alternatives. Here’s a summary of information that we’ve found useful.

The importance of food

When our cats were sick, we had to look at their diet. When the digestive system is impacted and not functioning properly, it’s useful not to change brands often as it takes time to get used to new foods when the animal is weak. We saw that some of the cheap brands out there made them vomit or have diarrhoea. They often have a combination of proteins, additives, perhaps even GMOs. We were told that one-protein meals are useful for sensitive GI tract. You can try including raw beef and turkey, cooked meat and broth. We have also tried some chlorella-based powder with probiotics to help renew the gut bacteria called Probiovet.

Antibiotics, narcosis

Too much antibiotics can weaken the liver and kill gut bacteria. Combined with narcosis used for various procedures, starting with cleaning teeth from tartar, it can affect various organs and the overall health. To prevent tartar buildup, you can try microfiber finger brushes that are easier to use than plastic brushes. To restore balance after antibiotics or narcosis, get suitable probiotics and make sure the diet is good.

Herbal alternatives

When we were truly desperate, I started researching all kinds of herbal options for cats, not just for healing but also to reduce the amount of chemicals. Here are some of them:

Energyvet – herbal preparations and supplements based partially using holistic principals of Eastern medicine and modern phytotherapy (available in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary). They also have vets who can help you via email and publish articles on various issues in their magazine Animal (only in Czech but can be downloaded for free). One of their products is Imunovet – pure Croton lechleri, also known as Dragon’s blood (Sangre de Drago), which can be used for a variety of issues: infections, healing wounds, as natural antibiotic. (1 drop 2x-3x a day internally or straight on the wounds, helps to heal and close them). There are many shops that carry this useful supplement.

Natural deworming – Worm-o-Vet Cat  by Swiss company cdVet (they have many other natural pet products)

Cat litter that can be flushed into the toilet – for example, Cat’s Best Ökö Plus

Coconut oil – can help aid digestion, improve hair & skin, help prevent infection and cats love it.

Dogit BUST-IT odour & stain remover – useful when your cat pees in other places than their toilet for various reasons, including health-related. Urine is hard to get rid of and enzymatic cleaners are a big help.