Smoked Salmon & Zucchini Pasta

zucchini salmon pasta1 zucchini – halved lengthwise, once again and then sliced thinly (quarter-rounds)

150 g smoked salmon – cut into smaller pieces of your preference
150 g creme fraiche
1 clove garlic – halved
2 tbs extra virgin olive oil
500 g pasta (penne or farfalle for example) – I use Barilla’s Mini Penne or Farfalle
salt, pepper

Put the water to boil for the pasta first because the sauce is ready quite fast. Heat the oil in a pan and gently fry the garlic there for about 30 seconds. Take the garlic out and add the zucchini. Stir often until the zucchini start to soften and turn translucent. Add the salmon and keep stirring until the colour changes to lighter pink. Stir in the creme fraiche, cook for about 5 minutes. If the sauce gets too thick, add some water from the pasta pot. Season, mix with your freshly boiled pasta and enjoy. You can add some freshly chopped dill if you like.