Omega juicer

Omega juicer verticalChances are that you have already thought about getting a juicer. One gets easily tired of the store-bought liquids barely reminding of fruit and full of various additives. If you want to treat yourself to some freshly squeezed vitamins, read further. I have done my fair share of research on juicers, and only then I bought mine. I don’t like to buy household appliances on a whim and have them cluttering the kitchen. I was looking for something silent, efficient and not taking too much valuable space.

Juicers can be roughly divided into 2 categories:

centrifugal – the most common type in shops, cheaper, uses high speed spinning to force to  out of the pulp

– no spinning, there is an auger (or two) which squashes the juice out at low speed and more efficiently, usually more expensive

After a long consideration I decided to go for the more expensive type and bought an Omega VERT VRT350 HD Masticating Juicer. I ordered it from the UK (UK Juicers) as it wasn’t available in Finland at all. Fortunately they ship every juicer with an appropriate plug. I had checked with them beforehand because I didn’t really want to buy an adapter. I paid £379.00 for the juicer, the delivery was free in this case because the item was over £275.

Sure it’s not a cheap juicer, but I thought that since it really has all I want from a juicer, why not. I don’t buy these everyday:-)

Omega VERT VRT350 HD parts

10 years warranty
juices everything including herbs, leafy greens, wheatgrass, berries and other soft fruits that are problematic
one speed – no need to adjust to different types of fruit and veg
pretty fast despite the low speed
one of the few vertical masticating juicers out there, don’t take much space
more nutritions preserved due to the low speed
efficient, you get much more juice out your fruit and veggies and you can rerun the pulp
fairly easy to clean
2 different strainers (one with bigger holes leaves more pulp)
2 juicing jugs that can be used as measuring cups

As for the negatives, I don’t recommend juicing pears using the finer strainer – I had real trouble cleaning the pear pulp particles. I actually had to use a needle to get some of them out of the tiny holes. From now on I would only use the other strainer with bigger holes for pears just in case.

Omega VERT VRT350 HD bowl & auger

Bigger chunks of carrot can clog it, but there is a reverse function, so no big deal.

A few things to remember when using this juicer:

cut up hard vegetables such as carrots
cut up leafy green so they don’t get caught up on the auger
remove hard pits from your fruit
don’t overload it by pushing too much down the feeding tube

All the parts except the juicing jugs and the pusher (which I rarely use because fruit and veggies go down easily without any kind of pushing)

It doesn’t take much more space than your regular coffee machine.

Omega VERT VRT350 HD size comparison

The bowl, auto-cleaning silicone blades, strainer and auger all put together – 2 red dots have to be aligned

With juicing jugs

Omega VERT VRT350 HD with jugs

The feeding tube is a bit C-shaped – good for halved apples and citrus fruits