Various aspects of eczema and other skin problems

shea butter for atopic eczemaI struggled with eczema for some time in the past and tried various treatments for it. I observed some connections that physicians normally don’t pay much attention to. First of all, creams and lotions are important for certain relief but they won’t probably cure your eczema. The problem is usually hidden deeper and everybody needs to find out for themselves. It’s definitely useful to go below the surface and do some work on the inside.

Our skin can communicate with us – it is the biggest organ we have and very visible. Skin conditions can also have an impact on our social lives. If something from the inside is pushing through, it is as if it needs to be seen. If it itches, then the issue is demanding attention. Sometimes it makes you aggressive towards yourself, scratching violently, which just makes it more visible. Maybe the aggression should be directed elsewhere. When I say aggression, I do not mean you should start attacking someone violently, perhaps you can try be more assertive and firm in your opinions, not act against what you truly feel.

It is worth noticing which situations make you so vulnerable,or nervous, or stressed that you become so violent to yourself that it becomes unbearable. For me, eczema has been a big lesson in self-defence. Many situations that caused immediate worsening of the condition were related to not being able to defend myself effectively. And skin is a barrier on symbolic level, if it is damaged, it cannot protect your body. I still have to learn to deal with these various situations, it is an ongoing process, but my eczema is gone. I used to go out wearing gloves when my hands were “vulcanic” and now I might get a few spots here and there to remind me I could have dealt with a situation better, but they disappear very quickly.

It is useful to notice what your skin condition makes you do and what it prevents you from doing. These are all clues. I am not saying I have the answers for all types of eczema and skin problems, but I believe that our mental state has a great impact on our health and these symbolic clues are worth exploring. You can begin by asking yourself these questions:
What was going on in my life when these problems started? Some dramatic events can be a trigger
What do I keep inside that needs to get out?
Do I have some burning issue? What needs to be addressed (scratched)?
What does the place of eczema relate to?  For example, hands could point to work or touching, intimacy etc.

Sometimes just analysing these questions and listening to intuitive answers brings some form of relief and it is a beginning of your healing. Our bodies can heal themselves a great deal, if we provide time, space and pay attention. When certain issues are dug out from various depths of our minds and we acknowledge them, we begin to see changes. I’m not saying it’s easy. It can be a painful experience and your condition can get worse temporarily, but I still recommend it.

For cases of emergency, you can try homeopathy – Chamomilla 30CH is used to calm and sooth (you can take 5 pellets a day, no side effects). If the itching is unbearable, apply shea butter or your usual lotion (preferably certified natural cosmetics without harmful ingredients) and put bandages on the infected area to prevent scratching or wear cotton gloves overnight. When I was totally desperate, my brother gave me Aloedermal cleansing cream and it provided so much relief without drying the skin. I left it on my hands for some time and gently washed it off. The package is big enough and it lasts a long time. Another great natural help is the Egyptian Magic Cream which I recommend buying in the UK online shops if you live in Europe, or straight from the US where it’s made.

To help your body from the inside, it is recommended to harmonise liver and get rid of toxins. You can try eliminating  the usual problem foods – processed, sugary, etc and increase the amount of fresh food. Acupunture can help too. I had several sessions during a worsened period and things improved a lot. Lymphatic massage or meridian massage can help harmonise from the inside as well. But you don’t have to spend money on all of this, just keep things simple, fresh and try to pay attention to your body and mind. I wish you all the best on your journey to recovery.