5 favourite edibles with quick tips

Coconut milk powderToday I’m sharing my favourite things that I have been using extensively this month. They are all delicious, especially the mysterious white powder, which I’m now a complete sucker for:-)

Coconut milk powder
I got addicted to this white powder during Xmas and I use it whenever I need coconut milk (just mix with water), in smoothies, to make matcha latte, and even simple dairy-free ice creams. Chop a mango into small pieces, freeze it and blend with 2 tablespoons of this yumminess and one banana. Ta-da, you’ve got homemade gelato.

Siberian pine seeds
Siberian pine seedsI’ve just ordered 500g of Russian organic pine seeds – much better than buying tiny packages for a lot of money. These particular pine seeds are the small variety, taste great and are going to last me a while. I love pesto because it can make for a super-fast dinner whenever I’m tired to make something more complicated. Check out my pesto recipes here.

Smoked paprika
smoked paprikaI use this whenever I’m making dishes inspired by Mexican cuisine, or veggie burgers, dips and sauces. It goes perfectly with beans. I sprinkle it onto hummus or a margarita with a dash of rose water. If you enjoy smoky flavours, this is for you. Here’s a great recipe for a veggie chili that satisfies most carnivores.

Acerola powder
acerola powderMade from tropical acerola cherries that have high levels of vitamin C and other useful nutrients like B vitamins, carotenoids and flavonoids. Just half a teaspoon will cover your daily need for vitamin C. If you prefer to get your vitamins from natural sources, you’ll love this. It has nice fruity acidity. I add it to my morning dose of warm water with lemon juice and honey.

Celery seeds
img_4204Maybe you’ve been there – a recipe calls for celery and you only use a part of it. Later you find the rest decaying in the fridge. Celery seeds solve the problem. Whenever I’m making Italian-style tomato sauce, I sprinkle a bit in the mix and they work perfectly. Try them in Bolognese, stews, sauces and dips that could benefit from strong earthy flavour.


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