Clean & natural pregnancy supplements

_DSC0092It might take your body quite a long time to replenish your depleted nutrient reserves after you deliver a baby, so prenatal supplements can be of great help. They can be your insurance. Especially with nausea and selective eating, you want to have enough of the vital nutrients reaching your developing baby. Continue reading

Pregnancy survival kit

_DSC0125While you experience the miracle of life and building a human, you'll probably be bugged by a few unpleasant issues during pregnancy. To name a few, you may experience nausea, tired legs, itchy skin, heartburn, weird dreams, nasal congestion. I've collected my personal tips into this blog post for quick reference. I truly hope they're useful to others as much as they've been helping me. There's also a concise version of my Pregnancy survival kit for download. Continue reading

How nutty is Nutella? Closer look at the ingredients in the popular spread

IMG_5402I once tried making my own chocolate hazelnut spread just to see if I can easily get a tastier and healthier version at home. After a long ordeal and a pile of dishes hours later I decided once is enough:-) There are recipes for nutty spreads that make it seem like a piece of cake, but that's not what happened. Continue reading

What’s in Nick Cave’s Sick Bag?

imageWhile waiting for Mercy On Me*, a new comic book inspired by Nick Cave, I picked up The SICK BAG Song* to get a fresh dose of my favourite artist. I remember the moment I learnt about Nick Cave like it was yesterday. A friend from work was hopping on a bus and just uttered: “You should check out Nick Cave. I think you’d like him.” Off he went and my life was changed, the spider-like shadow of Nick Cave following me around, inspiring my creations, perfectly describing my emotions in all their contradictions, leading me towards some crazy life choices and never leaving me for long. Continue reading

Clean beauty

340px-Gwyneth_Paltrow_avp_Iron_Man_3_ParisWhether you've been gooped a long time ago, or the idea of cleaning up your beauty bag has come to you recently, this is for you. I believe that making changes in our beauty/wellness routines, eating and cooking style as well as voting with our purchases matter. When I started my website in 2007, I wanted it to be a resource for more natural alternatives and information otherwise scattered all over the internet. When Gwyneth Paltrow started her website Goop in 2008, I became a subscriber because many of the ideas were close to my philosophy. It has since become a popular resource for all things clean living. Continue reading

Tepezcohuite pomada arbol de vida

pomada-arboldevidaI learned about Tepezcohuite from Salma Hayek who has created her own cosmetic line (Nuance). She has raved about the rejuvenating properties of Tepezcohuite (mimosa tenuiflora,or Mexican “skin tree”). Her products are not entirely about Tepezcohuite and hard to get in Europe, so I decided to search for some other Tepezcohuite products available here. I found a website and ordered some, the pomade being one of them.

It all seemed wonderfully natural at first glance. Continue reading

Omega juicer

omegajuicer2Chances are that you have already thought about getting a juicer. One gets easily tired of the store-bought liquids barely reminding of fruit and full of various additives. Summer is coming and there will so much fresh produce that can be juiced. If you want to treat yourself to some freshly squeezed vitamins, read further. I have done my fair share of research on juicers, and only then I bought mine. I don't like to buy household appliances on a whim and have them cluttering the kitchen. I was looking for something silent, efficient and not taking too much valuable space. Continue reading