Are you looking at me?

Have you ever felt like people immediately notice a feature that you’re very self-conscious about and you start adjusting your body language?

When a woman orders a session with me, I ask her what she loves about herself. I want to know what to focus on. I also ask about the things she doesn’t like so much. It’s interesting to have these conversations. It’s an opportunity to explain that the reason why some features look worse in photographs is just because some lenses distort them, perhaps the light was bad, or the angle. Photographs are not perfect representations of reality.
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Tepezcohuite pomada arbol de vida

pomada-arboldevidaI learned about Tepezcohuite from Salma Hayek who has created her own cosmetic line (Nuance). She has raved about the rejuvenating properties of Tepezcohuite (mimosa tenuiflora,or Mexican “skin tree”). Her products are not entirely about Tepezcohuite and hard to get in Europe, so I decided to search for some other Tepezcohuite products available here. I found a website and ordered some, the pomade being one of them.

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Omega juicer

omegajuicer2Chances are that you have already thought about getting a juicer. One gets easily tired of the store-bought liquids barely reminding of fruit and full of various additives. Summer is coming and there will so much fresh produce that can be juiced. If you want to treat yourself to some freshly squeezed vitamins, read further. I have done my fair share of research on juicers, and only then I bought mine. I don't like to buy household appliances on a whim and have them cluttering the kitchen. I was looking for something silent, efficient and not taking too much valuable space. Continue reading