Namina – a true wellness gem in the heart of Helsinki

Namina spa Helsinki logoAs a photographer I spend a lot of time carrying a heavy camera and other equipment, as well as long hours by the computer editing, copywriting, marketing etc. Despite trying to rest my arm, stretching and exercising, I sometimes feel my body is out of balance and I need some extra help. In the Czech Republic I have a massage therapist, and I visit her whenever I can to get a massage or a craniosacral treatment. I’ve been looking for a place in Helsinki that would offer more holistic approach and where I could truly unwind.

Finally I’ve found Namina, a wellness spa offering Thai massage and other Asian wellness procedures like eastern head massage, Thai herbal massage, bamboo massage, their signature joconut massage (jojoba & coconut oil blend), or jasmine rice treatment. You can also get complete spa packages, steam sauna, manicure or pedicure.

First time I visited their location in Tehtaankatu 12 where I tried the back and shoulder massage because my back was killing me. I was pleasantly surprised by the warm and inviting atmosphere, complete with a welcome tea. I knew I had to come again.

Namina spa Helsinki logoA few weeks later I decided to try their second location in Kruunuvuorenkatu 3 and when I came in, I was blown away by the beautiful interior. I didn’t think such places existed in Helsinki. It seemed like a different world, designed to make you forget all your troubles. I’d made my reservation with Pik who turned out to be the CEO and the mastermind behind the interior design. I asked her about the story behind the name and she told me it’s her daughter’s name. Namina means “a giver”.

I had the traditional Thai massage because It’s helped me in the past. It’s a combination of pressing, kneading and stretching techniques, so it can be painful, but afterwards I felt light as a feather. It’s done without oil on a mattress and you’re given comfortable clothing. The whole experience in Namina was like a beautiful ritual in a perfect place that smells great as well.

I was also given a tour of the whole spa and downstairs they have the most beautiful steam sauna, more massage rooms, changing rooms and a nail station. This place is really impressive and the service is excellent. They have a great online booking system, so you can reserve your treatment without picking up the phone any time of the day. I recommend Namina to anyone who’s looking for a perfect gift to themselves or their loved ones. You won’t regret it.

Remember to take good care of yourself before you take care of everyone else.