Choco balls

chocolate & coconut ballsAnother sweet treat we make during Christmas. No baking, no flour, just pure chocolate nuttiness:-)

100 g ground almonds
130 g  ground pecans or walnuts
100 g very dark chocolate (I used 85% organic)
50 g butter, you can also use a bit of coconut oil
1 tbs olive oil
3 tbs coconut palm sugar (or to your taste)
200 g ladyfingers (crushed in a food processor)
alcohol – I used a bit of Marsala wine, rum is good too, experiment
80 – 100 g dessicated coconut (for coating)

Melt the chocolate and the butter on low heat. You can crush the nuts, almonds and ladyfingers in a food processor. Mix everything together, shape the balls and roll them in the coconut. Cool before serving and keep them in the fridge. The flavour develops, so they will taste even better the next day.