Namina – a true wellness gem in the heart of Helsinki

IMG_5344As a photographer I spend a lot of time carrying a heavy camera and other equipment, as well as long hours by the computer editing, copywriting, marketing etc. Despite trying to rest my arm, stretching and exercising, I sometimes feel my body is out of balance and I need some extra help. In the Czech Republic I have a massage therapist, and I visit her when I can to get a massage or a craniosacral treatment. I’ve been looking for a place in Helsinki that would offer some more holistic approach and where I could truly unwind. Continue reading

GMOs – how to avoid them

protect yourselfI don't know about you but I don't know anyone who wakes up in the morning thinking: "I have such a craving for a pesticide-producing corn this morning, with a special serving of Roundup, the infamous weed killer."

I certainly don’t want to be a guinea pig of big corporations that are threatening the biological diversity, polluting our planet and trying to control the food supply. I want to know what I am eating. We all have the right to know what's in our food and decide what we prefer. If you are not a fan of genetically engineered food and wondering how to avoid it, here are some simple tips and useful information. Continue reading

Various aspects of eczema and other skin problems

atopikdermI struggled with eczema for some time in the past and tried various treatments for it. I observed some connections that physicians normally don't pay much attention to. First of all, creams and lotions are important for certain relief but they won't probably cure your eczema. The problem is usually hidden deeper and everybody needs to find out for themselves. It's definitely useful to go below the surface and do some work on the inside. Continue reading

Cat’s health & alternatives

cat paws When it comes to pets and their health, we tend not to question our vet too much. From my own experience, there is not so much consensus among vets on some issues as we might think. Over the years we've had plenty of medical experiences with my mum's rescue cats. When the traditional treatments did not help or made things worse we started exploring all kinds of alternatives. Here's a summary of information that we've found useful. Continue reading

Tracy Anderson Method FAQ

Tracy Anderson DVDsMaybe you have heard about the Tracy Anderson Method and you're thinking of trying but you'd like to get more information first. You can go to Tracy's official website and get the basic info. When I originally posted this article years back, there was no Tracy Anderson Method FAQ, so I decided to create one to help people who are just starting or cannot find certain answers. If this collection helps to answer some questions you might have, I will be happy. What do I base my answers on? Her book, DVDs, interviews, webisodes, whatever I could find on the topic. Continue reading